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Currently lives and works in London, UK

Yvette Dzumaga is an emerging artist, working in mixed media. She often employs silence & space, evoking focus towards the immediate self.


"Untitled: Food-making in sound" (Space21 Festival, with Hardi Kurda, sculpture installation & soundscape, spring 2023)

"Untitled: Episode 3" (Velvet Theory, podcast interview, fall 2022)


“State of the Art Market” Panel (Saatchi Yates with Columbia Business School as co-chair of Columbia Business School London Alumni Board Lifestyle Committee, board member, fall 2022)

"Articulation" (Publication, writing, spring 2022)

“Pasta & Beans” (Film short, summer 2021)


"Little Shop of Horrors" (Theatre set design & building, Columbia Medical School, fall 2014)

"Seated Ballerina" (Exhibited at Duke Arts Festival, photography, winter 2013)


Blacksmith apprentice (Kevin Boys Blacksmith Studio, ongoing)

Theatre set-building (Duke University, spring 2014) 

Interior design apprentice (Tracy Banks Interior Design, ​summer 2015)
Metal-working (William Noland, Duke University, spring 2014) 
Printmaking (Merrill Shatzman, Duke University, spring 2014)


Executive, neurotechnology (developing brain-computer interfaces (BCI), consulting for early-stage AI, behavioural health startups


Consultant (specialising in financial due diligence for private equity firms)


MBA (Master of Business Administration, Columbia Business School)


MD (Medical Doctor, focus in psychiatry, Columbia Medical School, Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons)

Bachelor of Science (Neuroscience, Chemistry, Visual Arts, Duke University)

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